Functional Art

Urban fire pit.

Urban fire pit.

Call them functional art, steampunk, found object art, repurposed art, welded art, welded fixtures, etc, it really doesn’t matter.  I love making one off pieces that can be used in any home, office or showroom.  My welded fixtures are functional, beautiful and unique.  I call them fixtures because art doesn’t usually hold your mountain money (Toilet paper), your coats and hats or your wife’s earings and necklaces.  I am happy to do commissioned pieces if you have specific spacial constraints or something particular in mind.  I usually have wall mounted coat racks, one upright freestanding coat rack and one jewelry stand ready to go.  TP holders are hot movers and hard to keep on hand but I can usually have anything ready in two weeks or less.  All pieces are clear coat finished in automotive grade clear to ensure they stay shining for a long time.

Custom welded fixtures and functional art pieces to compliment your decor and improve how your space is used.

Earing and necklace holder.

Earing and necklace stand, 1 in stock $120

Upright coat rack.

Upright coat rack, 1 in stock $400

Towel holder for bathroom.

Towel holder for bathroom counter, 1 in stock $150

TP holder

TP holder, 2 in stock $250

TP holder

TP holder

Ring gear book ends.

Ring gear book ends, 1 set in stock $120