Sprinter Van Maintenance & Repair

Your source for maintenance, customization, repair and care of your sick ass Sprinter Van!

OM642 engine maintenance & repair

Have you driven one of these? I was surprised at how nimble and spirited the performance actually is. My wife jokes that “it is 11 feet tall, but it corners like it’s 7”. (She thinks she is hilarious)

As a Sprinter owner myself, I fully understand the specialized care and peculiarities needed by these capable and flat out awesome vans. These are great vans that are awesome for travel and recreation especially here in the outdoor recreation mecca surrounding the Bend Oregon area. My family uses our van for many happy outings and just loves the freedom it affords us. We are here to support your Sprinter habit.

Here are just some of the Mercedes and Dodge Sprinter services we can provide:

  • Computer tuning for increased performance

  • Eliminating problematic emissions components

  • Replacing or updating suspension

  • Oil changes

  • Brake jobs

  • Diagnosing check engine lights and other gremlins

Should things go very poorly for you; we can even offer mobile help in the Central Oregon neighborhood. Give me a call, I am committed to making the Sprinter owners life better.

2007 Sprinter Van