Dodge Truck suspension upgrades

Dodge Truck suspension upgrades

Dodge diesel trucks are some of the longest lasting, toughest and most capable trucks from the factory.  Adding ThurenFab, Carli and other custom suspension components these heavy duty trucks can also fly over the roughest terrain.

Remote resevoir shocks, custom coil springs, control arms, sway bars, long travel leaf springs, bumpers and motor mounts are some components that Zmetalwork sources and installs.  Large diameter custom racing shocks allow heavy solid axles the control needed to blast through whoops or jump berms.  The remote resevoir houses high pressure nitrogen and additional oil to keep shock temperatures in check and prevent the shock oil from cavitating.

Here are some recent project 5th generation Dodge Rams that received 2″ ThurenFab leveling coil springs and new Overland shocks.

Brand new Dodge 3500 dually with ThurenFab leveling coils and shocks.

2016 Dodge 2500 with ThurenFab leveling coils and shocks, truck was shorn with 37″ Toyos and Methods shortly after. Perfect fit!