Toyota Tundra suspension lift

Toyota Tundra suspension lift

This low mile, one owner Tundra was in desperate need of a facelift and additional off-road capability.

After consulting with the owner, Bilstein 5100 height adjustable struts, Bilstein 5100 rear shocks and an add-a-leaf were selected to increase ride height 2″, provide firmer suspension dampening and clearance for larger tires.

As many Toyota truck owners know, the factory leaf springs leave a lot to be desired in terms of load capacity.  Its not uncommon to see a Tundra or Tacoma with a single dirt bike in the bed riding low in the rear. The add-a-leaf provided load capacity to the rear suspension along with additional ride height.

The Bilstein 5100’s were selected as a nice balance between budget and performance.  Custom wheels and tires were added later to give the truck a truly distinct look and further improve off-road performance.

2″ lifted 1st gen Tundra ready to go back to its owner. He is going to be stoked!