Sprinter Van Driveline ‘Shimmy & Shake’

Does Your Sprinter Van Shake at Speed or Under Acceleration?

An annoying problem for us was a consistent shimmy under acceleration or at highway cruising speeds. Through diagnosis, I determined the the problem stemmed from the driveline.

Typically, in just about any other vehicle, I would have repaired the driveline by replacing the u-joints and carrier bearings and sometimes the slip yoke. But that isn’t possible in the Sprinter because the driveline components are not serviceable. To repair the shimmy we had begun to feel in our van I was forced to replaced the entire driveline.

After removing the original 600k mile driveline, I found the u-joints had worn to the point they would barely rotate as the driveline turned. This was the source of our shimmy and replacing the driveline made the van drive like new!

When the odometer reading rises, you might run into issues like this as we did with our high mileage Sprinter. Call us for help with your beloved van!